Louise, what am I going to do with you? Kitty with an attitude

Calicoes and their attitudes!
Lulu has a bad reputation with Pet Smart--AGAIN
In California, she scratched a groomer. Even though she was up to date on shots and stuff (not that they asked for them), I later found out the groomer was sent to the doctor. The girl was okay. Next time I came in, she happened to be on and refused to deal with Lulu. So I started going to Petco (or the vet if they were open). I am able to help hold her to keep her from scratching She could hiss all she wanted.

Thelma is a different story. She is so chill. You could probably even polish her nails. For the most part, she is scared of her own shadow.

Lulu is a lovable cat-a total social butterfly. When people come over she comes up and expects to be petted. She will jump in your lap and snuggle. When she has to go to the vet or to get her nails trimmed, she becomes the Cat From Hell. The vet said, "well, it is the pretty ones that always cause trouble". At the vet, I made sure to put in her chart, "use caution"

For her first trim since I moved to Iowa, I took Thelma and Louise to the nearest vet. Surprisingly, Lulu was very well behaved!
The vet closes at 11 am on Saturdays. Note to self: I need to bring their records over to the clinic. I woke up late today.

So since, I knew where Pet Smart was located, I took them over there. First time ever, they asked for shot records. Thankfully, I never took them out of the carrier when we flew them from California to here. They did Thelma first. No problem

Lulu-problem. Pure Diva. She hissed and scratched me. I asked if I was allowed to hold her and they said no. Poor cat was surrounded by dogs getting groomed. She pretty much has never been around dogs. She kept hissing. The groomer refused to work with Lulu and was snotty about it. I usually tip VERY well. I didn't tip them. I just paid for the trim and went about my business.

I could have sworn I saw a Petco. It was in the adjacent shopping center. They let me hold her and trimmed her nails with NO problem. The tip I was intending to give to the groomer for both cats at Petsmart went to the groomer at Petco for Lulu's service. So I know where I will go from now on if I can't get to the vet
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We Will Never Forget-April 16, 2007 (VIRGINIA TECH)

I remember MANY years ago, I was a prospective student and took a 5 hour bus trip out to Blacksburg to check out Virginia Tech. I stayed in West Ambler Johnston hall-nicknamed West AJ. I fell in love with the school. As fate would have it, I wound up attending elsewhere.

The shootings started in West AJ--on the same floor where I stayed as a prospective student.
Being from Virginia, I was stunned to hear about it. I thought of my friends who were Virginia Tech alumni. I thought of my Alpha Phi sisters. Caitlin M. had just been elected chapter president of the Alpha Phi chapter at Virginia Tech. The chapter was in excellent hands. Her mother had been a past Alpha Phi International President and Chair of the Alpha Phi Foundation. Thankfully, everyone was accounted for

One professor had survived the Holocaust, and got gunned down by a fucking deranged student. Ain't that a bitch?

My second worry was for my friend Helene, who was on the faculty. I was not able to get hold of her. Thankfully, I heard from her almost a week later. She was ok physically, but a hot mess emotionally. Helene had lost 5 students.

I am sending a prayer and warm thoughts for the friends and families of the 32 students and faculty that lost their lives on that fateful day.
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The early bird gets the worm

Lush cosmetics is having a forum party and they are offering 3 limited edition shower gels. They started offering them at 4 PM CST.
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As of now, out of the three, the only one that is left is twilight.
Glad I stopped putzing around looking for a promo discount code--no luck finding one. I would have missed out had I kept looking. Calacas was gone in 45 minutes and they just ran out of snow showers!

Oh, carmanah, if you are reading this, your gift was purchased and I hope you get it before you leave for Cali!

Now I gotta go pick up Dave. We are going to the baseball park for Thirsty Thursday (discount beer) and the baseball game
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A Sad TV Day For Me-Goodbye James Steel (picspam)

Today is the last episode of Season 4 of Law and Order UK. I think I will need some tissues for tonight's episode. It is the last episode that Ben Daniels will be starring in. Damn, I am gonna miss me some James Steel. He was an awesome character and I loved his chemistry with Freema Agyeman. Ok, Matt and Alesha shippers need to up and recognize:
James and Alesha are the One True Pair! so GET OVER IT!
So in honor of James Steel's character, I am going to do a pic spam to honor the REAL man of STEEL!

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I know that Ben Daniels has moved on to other projects and he is gonna kick ass and take names, but I am SO going to miss him on Law and Order UK. It won't be the same without him

Successful day/Anticipation for tomorrow night

After kvetching about being confused about the Illinois and Indiana toll road prices, some friends on FB recommended that I get an I-Pass. It is $52.90 and comes equipped with $40 in toll fare. It is cheaper to use and you don't have to dig for $. Once I realized that it can be used in 14 states (mostly states I would travel through if I were to go back to Virginia to visit family), I was SOLD. The closest place to get it was Moline, IL, which is JUST across the state line from Iowa. Heading east, the Mississippi separates Iowa from Illinois.
The local pharmacy sold them. You can get your I-Pass, prescriptions and liquor all in one stop! Score! I have to admit I love living in states where I can get hard liquor at drugstores and supermarkets :) The first state I lived in that was like that was California. Oh Cali, how I miss you!
No, I do NOT drink and drive LOL

Afterward, I hit CVS and Dunkin' Donuts. I SO missed their coffee and their munchkins. The munchkins were for AFTER dinner tonight. I then headed back across the Mississippi into Iowa, grabbed lunch at Cracker Barrel, picked up a couple of things at Sam's club, got my car washed and drove back home. Got home JUST in time for a thunderstorm.

It got up to 80 degrees today. Tomorrow the high is only gonna be 44. That is wrong on so many levels! Why tease us with good weather only to screw us over? Weather goddess, YOU SUCK!

Tomorrow night is the Men's NCAA College Basketball championship. Since my team (Duke) is out of it, I might not watch the whole thing. However, there is one thing I do know. I SO want Butler to beat UConn! For the most part, I can not stomach Big East teams. Regardless of who wins, I will be watching the anthem to wrap up the NCAA Season. "One Shining Moment"
I am excited that CBS came to their senses and will go back to using the Luther Vandross version of the song

Excuse me while I belt out the least the first verse

The ball is tipped
and there you are
you're running for your life
you're a shooting star
And all the years
no one knows
just how hard you worked
but now it shows...
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It's ALL about March Madness Baby! One Shining Moment

Yes I know it is the end of March and that March Madness goes into the first Monday in April.
"Every year, at the Final Four, CBS puts clips of the championship team's performance to the song "One Shining Moment"--and shows it to conclude their television broadcast. It's the national anthem of college basketball and every kid's dream to appear in that video"--Mike Krzyzewski, head coach of the Duke University Blue Devils

and for obvious reasons, my favorite quote:

"I consider "One Shining Moment" to the be anthem to our coverage of the NCAA tournament. A wonderful song..."One Shining Moment" has become as much a part of the tournament as the Duke Blue Devils"--Jim Nantz, CBS Analyst

Doug Towey, may he RIP knew what he was doing by having this montage done at the end of the NCAA season. I was saddened by his passing in 2009.

I have all of the One Shining Moments from the years that my beloved Duke Blue Devils won--except last year. I did NOT like Jennifer Hudson's version of it. They should have stuck with David Barrett (the songwriter, I have 3 of his versions--he did three of the Duke Championship ones. Better yet, they should have stuck with the late Luther Vandross's version. Apparently, that was the last song he recorded before his stroke and subsequent death. Even better yet, they could have stuck with the late Teddy Pendagrass's version. I got the 1996 version from iTunes. Duke was wiped out early. The reason why I got it? I was there for the Eastern Region games in Richmond, VA. My friend had someone back out at the last minute (I was living in DC at the time). Guess who called in to work "deadly sick" on Friday morning, got to Amtrak and took the first train smoking down to Richmond, VA? I still remember sitting with Allen Iverson's mom and watching the backboard get broken during the game.

Duke is out of the running, but I think it is gonna be one hell of a Final Four. It'll be even better if UConn gets eliminated early!

THANK GOD CBS wised the fuck up and is going back to using Luther Vandross's "ONE SHINING MOMENT" this year. If the shit ain't broke, don't fix it!


I finally started looking at booking hotels for my jaunt to Ann Arbor and Chicago for the James Blunt concerts. Once I realized that the graduation ceremonies for the University of Michigan were going to be that coming weekend and hotels were going to start filling up, I decided to get off my ass and book it. I have booked my room for the Ann Arbor concert. I have also emailed Alpha Phi for University of Michigan contacts. I would love to see the house while I am there

Now I have to book my hotel for Chicago. I am looking to stay outside Chicago--Evanston area. I am not trying to pay lots of money. As long as it is clean and safe, I am cool with that. It can be a 2 star

Evanston, IL is a quick jaunt to get to the venue. I hope to get there in good time so I can get in line. Since the concert is general admission and I want to be as close to the stage as possible, I want to get there in good time

I am going to do some research and book by this afternoon.
I am just staying one night. I plan to go to Evanston the following day to see the Alpha Phi executive office and the chapter at Northwestern University

My icon is for the chapter at Florida State. It is going to be installed on Saturday

So that might explain why I am weird! LOL

You were born during a Full moon

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